What Makes SugarLike the Best Sweetener On The Market

There are many sweeteners available the market. The challenge is knowing what makes them different from each other and which sweetener products are good and which products are bad.


1. We make our sweetener differently than the competition

  • Competitor brands make their sweeteners with a simple blending and spray on process. This process is very energy intensive as they dissolve their monk fruit extract in water, blend it together then spray it onto erythritol. After that they heat the mixture to evaporate the water. 
  • This process is bad for the environment as it wastes a ton of water and leads to many problems such as: 
    • Inconsistent flavour and sweetness throughout the package (hot & cold spots) 
    • Clumping together of sweetener
    • Bitter and chemical aftertastes 
    • Hardens in baking 
    • Not measuring 1:1 like sugar

SugarLike solves these issues with its patented dry embedding technology!

  • SugarLike sweeteners are made with a patented dry embedding technology. Instead of using tons of water, we vacuum seal the ingredients together and apply heat to capture the sweetness of monk fruit extract and perfectly embed it with our carrier crystal erythritol. 
  • This process removes the common problems of other sweeteners and creates a product that:  
    • Has the same sweetness level as sugar
    • Has consistent flavour and sweetness throughout the package
    • Doesn’t clump together
    • Doesn’t harden in baking
    • Measures 1:1 like sugar
    • Tastes just like sugar
    • Is good for the environment!

2. We have the highest quality sweetener ingredients

  • Sweeteners have two common ingredients, a high potency monk fruit or stevia extract and carrier crystal like erythritol 
  • The compounds that give monk fruit extract their sweetness are called mogrosides
  • Competitors use low grade mogrosides in their product like mogroside I & II 
    • These mogrosides are low quality and often have bad licorice aftertastes which linger in the mouth after eating 
  • SugarLike is different because we only use the highest quality mogroside V and non-GMO erythritol from corn to make our products, letting us develop sweeteners that are good for your taste buds and your body! 

3. We have a steady supply chain

  • Not only does NutraEx make awesome SugarLike products, but NutraEx also supplies industrial sweeteners to some of the largest food and beverage brands in the world
  • Our industrial business does millions of dollars every year selling our sweeteners to other brands. Because of this, we have a steady supply chain which doesn’t get interrupted by ingredient shortages, higher prices and unexpected events like covid19 
  • SugarLike can provide a consistent, steady supply of sweeteners to make sure when your customers want SugarLike, they can get it at your store

4. We have competitive prices

  • Recently the world has faced a global shortage of monk fruit and erythritol, and other key sweetener ingredients
  • This caused many competitor brands like Lakanto, Swerve and Krisda to go out of stock or raise their prices significantly 
  • SugarLike however keeps consistent pricing which can match and beat the prices of our competitors. This means more margin for your store. 
A table displaying the different prices of sweetener products from different brands
Prices are from Amazon

DIABETES – A Promising Future For Diabetics in Canada

Attention all diabetes patients, advocates and supporters.

Today is a special day! Bill C-237, which is an act to establish a national diabetes framework in Canada, was officially passed in Parliament today! The passing of this bill makes it a law that Canada must establish a national diabetes framework to address the growing epidemic of diabetes in Canada.

Diabetes is a devastating disease which affects millions of Canadians every year and has a huge cost for our health care system and individuals:

this table shows the facts about how many canadians have diabetes and how much it costs our health care system

So what does this all mean?

Now that Bill C-237 has passed, the Federal Minister of Health in Canada has 1 year to table a national diabetes framework in Parliament. This is amazing news for diabetics. Now that this bill has passed and the government has committed to creating a national diabetes framework, Canada can prevent millions of cases of type 2 diabetes and avoid hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations for diabetes-related complications over the next ten years. It can also mean diabetics across Canada will get improved access to medications, devices and critical life saving supplies like insulin pumps and advanced glucose monitoring devices that will ensure that no diabetic struggles to afford the care they need, and deserve!

A Step in the right direction

NutraEx Food and SugarLike were founded because of diabetes, so this news is very exciting for us! Our founder Lily started the company after losing her beloved auntie to diabetes related complications. Lily knew that our world was addicted to sugar and a change needed to be made to how we eat.

Using her food flavoring expertise, Lily created SugarLike, the best tasting zero calorie sweetener on the market! SugarLike zero calorie sweeteners look, taste, measure and bake just like sugar. The best part? They have zero calories and zero glycemic index, making them the perfect diabetic sweetener! SugarLike does everything sugar does, but better since it’s zero calories and diabetic friendly!

SugarLike zero calorie sweeteners empower diabetics across the country to still enjoy that same great taste of sugar, but not have to worry about spiking their blood glucose levels and damaging their body from eating too much sugar. SugarLike was created to empower diabetics to take control over their diet and health, without having to quit eating their favorite sweets. You simply swap sugar for SugarLike 1:1 and you can live the healthy sweet life!

Not a Diabetic? You should still be using SugarLike

Even if you’re not a diabetic, you should still be using SugarLike. SugarLike helps people prevent diabetes before it starts by reducing the calories in your diet while still eating those same tasty sweets!

Spend money on SugarLike now, save money on hospital visits in the future! Shop Now

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