Encapsulated Sweetener – Not a simple blend like others

sugarlike encapsulated monk fruit sweetener

“Zero Calories. Zero Compromise.”

SugarLike is not your regular zero calorie sweetener. SugarLike is different because it is an encapsulated monk fruit sweetener!

Lily Zou, our founder, created SugarLike® to be the best-tasting and 100% natural sweetener. Let people enjoy sweet foods without compromising their health. The biggest motivation was her aunt. Auntie passed away at a considerably young age, due to diabetes. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Although she was diagnosed with diabetes, auntie had a real sweet tooth. This was a struggle for her, to enjoy sweet foods while keeping her blood sugar levels stable. It was her happiness to bake for the family and enjoy them together. This motivated Lily to put her experience of over 10 years working in food flavour industry to create the ultimate sweetener, SugarLike encapsulated sweetener. It is the sweet solution that can be enjoyed by everyone, adults and children of all ages. Even women who are pregnant and nursing mothers. 

With zero-calorie and zero-sugar, we can finally have a healthy relationship with sweet foods.

What makes our encapsulated sweetener different?

SugarLike was born with the purpose to offer a healthy solution to sweet foods. With many sweet alternatives in the market, you should know how to identify the high quality products that you deserve. With SugarLike, we promise to deliver the best quality product, made from only natural ingredients that is like no others. Our encapsulation process is unique in the world. Our team together has over 30 years’ experience in the food flavour field. SugarLike lets you bring out your sweet side without any compromises to your health and your lifestyle.

Our ingredients are all natural. We guarantee that every ingredient comes from GMO-free sources. We use natural extracts from monk fruit that are grown and cultivated in Southeast Asia. Our erythritol sweetener is made by a natural fermentation process from non-GMO plant sources. All our products are manufactured and packaged in Canada.

Our very own encapsulation process allows for a safe and most natural way to offer the best tasting monk fruit that has the same sweetness as regular sugar.

Why is SugarLike encapsulated sweetener special?

Encapsulation is the process where we take monk fruit extract and incorporate them in erythritol crystals. Encapsulation process is not a new concept, it has been used for centuries in the pharmaceutical community to make the capsules and pills that we use everyday. 

SugarLike’s encapsulation process was first created to capture the sweet taste of Stevioside from stevia leafs and eliminate the problem of unpleasant, bitter and metallic taste that is common in natural sweeteners in the market. Lily wanted to create an even more premium sweetener made from monk fruit, a fruit rich in antioxidants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many centuries to heal diseases. She used the same encapsulation process to capture the sweet taste of mogrosides from monk fruit. From this, SugarLike encapsulated monk fruit sweetener was created. SugarLike is your premium monk fruit sweetener that not only tastes and looks like sugar, but can replace sugar directly. It even browns in baking!

an animated GIF to show how monk fruit is used to create our SugarLike encapsulated sweetener

What are the ingredients in SugarLike Zero Calorie Encapsulated Monk Fruit sweetener?

Only two ingredients: 

Erythritol and monk fruit extract.

No additives, no harmful artificial ingredients. 

Why do we include Erythritol?

Erythritol is a type of sugar alcohol that is often misunderstood as an artificial sweetener. Sugar alcohols are naturally found in fruits and vegetables; they were initially used in specialized diabetic products. They are called sugar alcohols because part of their structure resembles sugar and part resembles alcohols, but they are NOT SUGAR NOR ALCOHOL. Erythritol is approximately 70% as sweet as sugar.

Monk fruit extract can be up to 150 sweetener than sugar

Currently, Government of Canada only allows monk fruit extract to be used as tabletop sweetener. Monk fruit extract must have a maximum level of 0.8% calculated as Mogroside V. Mogroside V is a type of compound contained in monk fruit that provides its sweet taste and it can be up to 150-200 times sweetener than sugar. This posed a challenge and inconvenience for users to use monk fruit as a direct substitute for sugar in their recipes. With SugarLike’s encapsulation technology, we were able to incorporating monk fruit in erythritol that created a sweetening solution that has the same sweetness ratio as sugar. 1 cup SugarLike for 1 cup sugar. It is not just blended with erythritol like many sweeteners in the market. This is why it closely imitates the functionality of sugar including an even distribution of sweetness, higher solubility than most sweeteners and browning. 

Monk fruit extract has an herbal, medicine-like taste

Monk fruit extracts, like Stevia, also have the natural herbal and medicine-like taste, some even leave a metallic and bitter linger. Through our encapsulation process, we were able to capture the sweet taste from Mogroside V and incorporate them into the erythritol crystals to eliminate problem of undesirable taste.

Erythritol provides a natural beautiful crystal that looks like sugar

Making an encapsulated sweetener allows for the properties of monk fruit to be protected in a beautiful heat-stable crystalline structure of erythritol that provides the appearance of sugar.

How do we select the highest-quality ingredients?


Erythritol can be found in traces in pears, soy sauce, watermelon and even human tissues. SugarLike’s erythritol is made from high quality corn sources, by a natural fermentation process, the same way that occurs in nature. This is similar to how kombucha drinks or fermented foods are made. Unlike other sugar alcohols, naturally fermented erythritol does not produce the same stomach upsets. It is safe for adults and children of all ages. This is why erythritol has been the preferred sugar substitute in the diabetic community since for decades.

Erythritol is commonly fermented from. Approximately 86% of the world’s crops are genetically modified to be herbicide-tolerant, corn being one of the top four. Canada and United states, the leaders in genetically modified corns, do not require labeling of genetically modified foods. With SugarLike, you can have the confidence that you will omnly have the highest quality, non-gmo products. We only source our corns from gmo-free producers to ensure only the best quality erythritol.  

Monk Fruit

Similarly, monk fruit can be genetically modified. Monk fruit extracts can be very expensive which is why many sweeteners in the market turn to genetically modified, made-made monk fruit extracts. This allows for low-priced monk fruit sweetener. At SugarLike, we only use monk fruit that is extracted from real monk fruits. We take pride in sourcing our ingredients from only non-GMO sources, to give our customers the highest quality ingredients that will give them a peace of mind to enjoy our sweets without compromising their health.

Our core values

Customer Satisfaction.

We developed the best-tasting sweetener alternative that can be used, shared and loved by everyone. Our product is calorie-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, 100% natural and plant-based. Whether our users are vegans, ketogenic, diabetics or just simply looking to stay fit and healthy, they can all enjoy our products, guilt-free!

Taste, Quality and Convenience.

We want to make our world a better place through healthier sweetener alternatives. For this reason, we were determined to create healthy sweet solutions that not only taste and look like sugar, but can be easily substituted for sugar in all applications. With our unique encapsulation technology and highest-quality ingredients, we made this come true. Our sugar-free sweeteners taste sweet like sugar without any off-taste, looks and feels like sugar, and most importantly, can be substituted spoon for spoon.

Health and Environment.

SugarLike commits to transparency. Our ingredients are 100% naturally sourced and plant-based. We do not use any GMO or artificial ingredients in our products.

SugarLike, your healthier way of living.

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