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Zero Calories. Zero Compromise.

A 0 calorie natural sweetener made from monk fruit.

sugarlike encapsulated monk fruit sweetener

100% Natural

Made from monk fruit, Sugarlike is 100% natural sweetener with 0 calories and a glycemic index of 0.


Looks like sugar

With SugarLike’s granulated, semi-transparent crystals, you might not see the difference when compared to sugar, but you’ll definitely feel it.

Tastes like sugar

Pour it into your coffee, add to your favourite meal, and use it in baking. Your taste buds won’t know the difference but your body sure will. No metallic aftertaste or distinctive flavouring that you find with other substitute sweeteners.

Use like sugar

With the same sweetness as sugar, you don’t have to measure or change your favorite recipes. 

Simply substitute 1 cup SugarLike for 1 Cup sugar.

Here is what our customers are saying

"Out of all of the sweeteners I've tried this is the absolute best! Would recommend this to all coffee lovers."
"I simply cannot believe how good this tastes. I was skeptical... I've been experimenting with a lot of the zero calories, zero carb/low carb sweeteners and this one is the best!! No bitter aftertaste and it's not ridiculously sweet... like doesn't taste artificial. This is a winner for anyone out there living the LC, KETO WOE."
Taste just like sugar. Great for cold drinks, baking or cooking

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